Getting Started

How do I get started?

Ryeboard offers a free plan with 3 boards and 50 cards. Your cards are the contents you create or upload onto the board. You can create elaborate layouts on boards that help you create, organize, and share your content while bringing everything into a bird’s eye view.

What are cards?

On Ryeboard, you can work with any form of information that can range from simple notes to rich documents and media. Because content can differ in so many ways, Ryeboard holds content in standardized containers called “cards” that comes with a set of tools to help interact with your content easily. to see how they work!

How are contents synchronized?

Cards can exist on multiple boards. When this happens, all the edits made to the card will automatically synchronize across all the boards. This means you can share contents once to different boards without having to worry about versions.

How do I collaborate on Ryeboard?

Both boards and cards can be shared. Once your boards are shared, each editor can edit the contents of the cards and the layout of the board. You can also share individual cards as a “card page”, which will make a card into an accessible webpage. to see how to share a card page.

On the free plan, other than the owner, only two people can jump into the board at the same time!

What are Editors and Viewers?

Editors are other Ryeboard users who can edit the board you share with. They can edit the cards, change the layout of your boards, create comments, and chat on your boards. Viewers can only view the contents of your board and cannot edit anything on the board.

Managing Teams

Can I bring my entire team to Ryeboard?

You can collaborate with your team using a team workspace. In your team workspace, everyone in the team can access everything that was created in the workspace through the shared dashboard. You can also monitor the activities of your members, change privileges, and manage billing all from one place.

Can I change members in a workspace after purchase?

Yes, admins can remove and replace members as long as they fit their purchased seat quota.

Can I change workspace plans?

Yes, you can change your workspace plans if the number of members you need changes. Your bill for the month will be the duration of the previous plan plus the remaining duration of your new plan


How does billing work?

After upgrading, you will only be charged after the 7 day trial period. For teams, we provide a billing system for workspaces with specified amounts of seats (2, 5, and 10 members). After the administrator purchases the workspace, they can fill in seats by inviting members through the workspace settings.

How are free plans different from paid plans?

Paid plans provide up to unlimited amounts of cards and boards, collaborators, and 100 GB of storage space. We recommend you to upgrade your plan if: (1) you have a lot of content to work with (2) collaborate frequently with multiple people (3) or upload large amounts of content. We provide a 7-day trial to all our plans so don’t hesitate to try it out!

I want to change workspace plans

You can change your workspace plans if the number of members you need changes. Your bill for the month will be the duration of the previous plan plus the remaining duration of your new plan.

What is the Refund Policy?

Any subscription canceled within the first 7 trial days is fully refundable. After 7 days, refunds are not guaranteed and you will need to directly for refunds.

Does Ryeboard offer discounts?

Ryeboard offers discounts to Nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. We also offer perks to consultants and affiliates. to help to help you get started.


Is my data secure?

All server and database communications on Ryeboard is encrypted with the latest security protocols that can be verified . Data on our database is also encrypted-at-rest which adds a powerful layer of security over your content. In the event of a traumatic event, our database is also automatically automatically backed-up several times a day to make sure your data is safe and secure.

Will Ryeboard have third party app integrations?

Yes, it is in our ! Because our vision for Ryeboard is to become the hub of all of your content, we want to make it easier for you to access all your Ryeboard content wherever it. Stay tuned!

Still got questions?