The Online Whiteboard for Practical, Real-time Collaboration

Ryeboard is a part whiteboard, part cloud storage app that helps teams collect, manage, and share content in real-time.

73.3% of teams find online collaboration frustrating

Teamwork is hard - doing it online is harder.

Giving feedback feels awkward, meeting notes are scattered all over the place, and it's just hard to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Projects are complicated. Communication is slow. Everyone is trying their best.

And yet, everyone is frustrated.

Your tools sacrifice context for convenience

We keep most project information in detached components called "folders". A relic of the by-gone era of physical filing by the way!

And it's honestly just terrible! No-one knows how things are organized. It's hard to get an overview of the project at a glance. Everything is scattered here and there. Context is butchered.

It's really just not practical.

You need a simple yet practical solution that encourages teamwork while preserving context.

Ryeboard is the all-in-one solution for remote teams that value organization and require real-time collaboration. It's what happens when a virtual whiteboard falls in love with a cloud storage solution!

Find and manage all your ideas from one place, create moodboards or mind-maps with different content types, and share dynamic content across multiple projects!

Everybody knows how to use whiteboards. Ryeboard starts there.

Ryeboard provides you with a powerful virtual whiteboard that plays nicely with all of your team's content and ideas.

It is the ultimate way for teams to collaborate visually without having to worry about things like storage, file types, or organization. Ryeboard takes care of everything for you!

Content on Ryeboard's boards are also all modular, meaning each of your teammates can organize the same content how they want without affecting others!

Ryeboard makes online work painless by focusing on three areas:

Flexible structure

Use tags, spatial information, and visual cues to organize your content flexibly.

Modular content

All content can be shared across multiple boards and sync edits automatically.

Real-time communication

Draw anywhere, chat with anyone, and watch everything happen in real-time.

Other things you can do on Ryeboard!

  • Share your content as web pages that synchronize automatically

  • Preview common files like PDFs, images, audios, videos and more

  • Automatically arrange your board content with user-set criteria

  • Work in real-time with viewing and editing permissions for different users

  • Organically organize all of your content with a flexible user tag system

  • Save and comfortably view website pages like Medium or Wikipedia with reader-mode

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