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Visually organize notes, documents, audio, webpages and more with your collaborators to achieve project goals, easier and faster, with the only note card-based online whiteboard.

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Note Card Online Whiteboard

With Ryeboard's unique note card system, you can actually comfortably write out ideas, checklists, timelines, and more. This enables you and your collaborators to easily share ideas, write feedback, give directions across your project boards.

No more diagramming tools that limit our ideas.

Synchronized Cards

With Ryeboard unique linked card system, you can keep collaborators informed of the latest changes in your projects within their own boards! Update a shared card or document on your board. BOOM. Shared cards on your collaborators board updated! Only easy online collaboration from here on out.

No more out of date resources or misinformed projects.

The easy, powerful online collaboration tool for teams.

Marketing Strategy

Use our Marketing Strategy templates to achieve marketing objectives better. Includes: Email Campaigns, Funnels, Personas, and more.

How to Ryeboard: Cards, Boards, Online Collaboration

Cards can contain more than just notes - they can hold PDFs, Powerpoints, audio files, videos, and even webpages - all of which can be played within your cards.

Boards help you visually map your cards as you see fit to help you achieve your goals, be it to draw relationships, chart flows, mind map, present in team meetings, or more.

At any time you can invite collaborators to your online boards. Together, you can gather core information, present your strategy, manage projects or complete projects in real-time online.

With Ryeboard’s unique card system, you can share cards with your collaborations and link updates across every board.

Achieve your project goals faster with Ryeboard’s unique:

Flexible structure

Map your contents and documents flexibly with tags, spatial information, and visual cues.

Synchronized cards

Manage projects and collaborators with the most up-to-date information with synchronized cards

Easy collaboration

Write out ideas, draw anywhere, chat with your collaborators, and watch everything happen in real-time on your online boards.

Other things you can do on Ryeboard!

  • Share your boards as web pages to collaborate with guests

  • Preview common files like PDFs, presentations, audios, videos and more

  • Automatically arrange your board content with user-set criteria

  • Work in real-time online with viewing and editing permissions for collaborators

  • Easily organize all of your content on boards with flexible tags

  • Save and comfortably view website pages like Medium or Wikipedia with reader-mode

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